Don’t get the Black Friday blues!

Don’t get the Black Friday blues!

With Black Friday only a few days away as business owners and marketers you will already be aware of the potential sales opportunity and probably already marketing your business and products.

It was reported that last year UK consumers spent £810m on online purchases alone during Black Friday.
In the U.S. it is predicted that e-commerce sales on Black Friday will reach $2.7 billion this year, up 12.5% from $2.4 billion last year. So it is definately an opportunity not to be missed!

However, with so much online activity what are the effects on your contact database?
You now have more email addresses but are you verifying all these new contacts as they hit your site?

If you’re not then you should be!

Poor quality data can be hugely detrimental to your future marketing and sales growth.

Did you know that poor quality data is not only less responsive and less cost effective, but it can also seriously damage your ISP reputation meaning your delivery rates take a dive!

However the good news is that you don’t need to panic ! is the new, easy to set up service that can verify your emails quickly and effectively. Use it to…

  • Clean up your existing contact lists
  • Clean any list of email addresses.
  • Check individual email addresses entered in subscription forms in real time.
  • Verify individual email addresses as needed.
  • Or, Integrate with other in-house tools such as CRM and accounting software using the real time API.

Its takes just minutes to set up, PLUS we are offering a FREE trial so check it out and get started so that you don’t get hit with post Black Friday blues!

Verification Responses

Checked responses and how they can be used

Once arpVerify has checked the email address it provides one of the following responses:

Valid – the email is live and valid
Invalid – the email address has permanently failed
Unknown – checking the email address resulted in a temporary error or an inconclusive reply
Accept All – the domain will accept all email address i.e. gjhgjgjgjhghj@ fred@
Role – indicates addresses such as sales@, info@, hostmaster@, postmaster@ etc
Disposable – these are temporary email addresses, typically used once and then discarded

Further explanations of the checked category statuses


– You can use these now but remember that tomorrow they may not be valid.  The domain may lapse, the account may become full etc but you can use these email addresses now.

Usage suggestion: SAFE TO MAIL


– These are email addresses where the domain does not exist, there are no DNS records, the receiving server gave a permanent does not exist response.  Sending to these email addresses is a waste of time and will damage your server reputation and your sender score.



– Use these email addresses with caution!! –  While the email address may be live there is also a high probability that it is not and using an email address in this category could cause issues. The email account may be full, the domain may have timed out.  This is an inconclusive result.  There will be some bounces from the Unknown category so consider the following before mailing:

Usage suggestion:
If your ESP or hosting provider’s bounce threshold is 7% or less: DO NOT MAIL.
If your ESP or hosting provider’s has given you a dedicated IP: MAIL SLOWLY.
Monitor all responses from this category and remove bounces and temporary failures immediately to prevent issues.

Accept All

– While the email address may be live, the domain owner allows any prefix before the @ to be a valid address. Some accept all email addresses are initially accepted but may be rejected or deleted internally after the initial receipt.  As a result there may be some bounces with accept all addresses.

Usage suggestion:
If your ESP’s bounce threshold is 7% or less: DO NOT MAIL.
If your ESP has given you a dedicated IP:  MAIL SLOWLY.
Monitor all responses from this category and remove bounces and temporary failures immediately to prevent issues.


– These are email addresses such as sales@, support@, info@ or postmaster@. While many are valid they are generic and you may annoy the recipient with regular mailings.  Typically larger companies employ these addresses in a way where they are read by team members who will likely discard your email.  In smaller companies the owner may read the mails.

Usage suggestion: MAIL AT YOUR OWN RISK.


– Think of email addresses in this category as worthless.  The email address will self-destruct, it is created for temporary use so the user can sign up for promotions or services without using their primary address.

Usage suggestion: DO NOT MAIL.

You can order and use arpVerify here

How easy is it to check an email list?

It’s really easy to check and improve your email lists when you use arpVerify.

Watch this short video to see for yourself.

Simply upload a CSV file, press a button or two and wait for the email checking process to complete.

Once the process has finished you’ll be able to see the results in a simple graph and then download your cleaned list.  We even separate your list in to smaller files of the good, the bad and the ones that ‘might’ cause you problems.

It’s simple, quick and will help improve your sender score and email deliverability.  Try arpVerify and see for yourself how easy it is to use.