The Dashboard

Here we explain what features and options are available through the dashboard.

The dashboard allows you to navigate to all parts of arpVerify from administration to verifying your emails.

The Dashboard

We will start to describe the functions available from right to left.  Please click on the links below for additional information and explanations.


 “Account Name”

Clicking on your account name gives you access to details and administrative menu is found on the far right of the menu bar.

Here you can access your personal details such as Passwords, emails and accounting information

Account Dropdown Menu


Provides access to the documentation about how to use arpVerify and support issues including a contact us form.

Help drop down options

Your Trial

The Your Trial section is where you need to go to upgrade your free Trial plan and increase your email verification capability.

This will update to display the name of your account.

Upgrade Trail Plan


From the left side of the menu.

Dashboard ops

This displays navigation to various aspects of setting up arpVerify to integrate with other third parties or Email providers, and displays the number of verifications available to the account.

Please visit the other pages explaining how to set up and use the other features