Getting started quickly

Log in to arpVerify using the username and password your created when you signed up.

First, some basic housekeeping

Always keep your account details safe and secure,  use the Change Password function when required.  We recommend you change your password at least once per month.  We suggest you use LastPass to create 16 character passwords with Upper and lower case letters with numbers and special characters.

Change Password

When you want to change the password please choose the drop down box under your account name and choose Change Password.

Account Dropdown Menu

Then enter your strong password.

Please ensure this is secure and a complex password.

Change Password Screen

Let’s get started

You can use the full service as part of your trial to check and validate a maximum of 100 emails.

To move from the trial version of arpVerify you need to update your account – you do this by choosing Your Trial in the top Navigation bar.

  • Check a single email
  • Upload a file to verify

Check a Single email

To check a single email choose the API Keys in the top Navigation bar.

Checlk Check one address through API key

Choose the Test button displayed next to the API Key

Test an a single email

Enter your email address to be tested and click the Submit For Verification button

If you decide not to test an email then use the Return to API Keys or Cancel button


Enter the one email to be tested

The results of the test are then displayed either:

  • Invalid

  • Accept-All

  • Valid


Invalid result

api email address test with invalid response or fail


Accept-All result

api email address test with accept all response

Vaild result

api email address test with valid response

For further explanation about the results of verification please visit Understanding Results


File verification

To upload a file for verification – first check if you have enough verifications in your balance to achieve the desired complete check of your file.

To increase the number of verifications in your balance you have two choices:

Change your current plan or Topup Your Verifications.

Choose the Files button in the top navigation bar.

The file which contains your email addresses to be verified needs to be a CSV file –  a Comma Separated Values file.

Your CSV can have as many columns as you need.  For example;

First Name, Surname, Company, Address 1, Address 2, Email, Telephone1, Telephone2, Birthdate, etc


Email, First Name, Surname, Company, Address 1, Address 2, Telephone1, Telephone2, DOB, etc


Name, Email address, Order number, Account ref, etc

You do not need to worry what column the email addresses are in but all email addresses must be in the same column.  Our system will determine which column is the email address column and check the email addresses it finds.

To upload a file for verification you have two choices:

  • Click to Select
  • Drop a file (Drag and Drop)

Click to Select

By clicking on the box in the Verify a File display the navigation of your computer will revert to display your files and folder directories.

From here you navigate to the desired file and click on the file to upload it for verification.

Drop a File

Navigate to where your file is stored and select the file and drag it into the browser window running arpVerify and drop it into the Drop file here box.

If the number of verifications you have available is not sufficient to test all the emails in your file then a warning will be displayed indicating the proces has Stalled due to insufficient credits.

At this point you have the option to Review and Fix.

You can either change your plan or Topup Your Verifications to provide you with a verification balance to cover your verification needs.

You will need to use the Back button on your browser to return to the previous screen.

If you want to remove a file just use the delete key.

Verification complete

When the verification is complete you click on the Results & Downloads to take you to the indepth analysis of the results.

Results are displayed

detailed breakdown of checked file


To view the status of the file you have loaded for verifications click on the Filters tab.

Displays files loaded for verification

This will display the number of files that are at what status

  • All files
  • Pending Files
  • Running Files
  • Complete Files
  • Stalled Files


For details about the features please visit The Dashboard for further explanations.