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To open an account with arpVerify go to

Click the SignUp in the top navigation bar on the right of your screen.

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Enter your full name, your primary email address, and a strong password – twice.  We recommend you use LastPass to create a strong 16 character password containing Upper and lower case letters with numbers and special characters.

Click the I agree to the arpVerify terms and conditions (after reading them by clicking on the terms and conditions)

Then click the Create My Account button

Sign Up arpVerify

You will then have to confirm the link in the email message sent to the email address you entered.

NB If you do not confirm this link the account will not be activated.



Once you have confirmed your email address a confirmation screen is displayed.


You are now able to login and use arpVerify

To upgrade your plan please visit Change plans

or Topup Your Verifications.